From Us to You
When you purchase a GEORGI SWIMMS piece you are buying so much more than a SWIMMSuit
Here is the journey your sustainable warrior of a SWIMMSuit has been on. She definitely deserves a round of applause!
At GEORGI SWIMMS we take pride in our sustainable fabric used to create our summer heroes. Crafted from ocean-filling plastics turned into sustainable luxury main and lining fabrications sourced from the luxury capital, Italy. Sustainable in nature, it also posses high chlorine resistance, colour fastness and UPF50+ sun protection. Not to mention the texture is nothing short of complete comfy, buttery goodness that will last all summer long.

 made from the ocean for the ocean


Our business may have grown but our care for quality hasn't. GEORGI SWIMMS pieces are ethically and sustainably produced with love on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, Australia. We are proud of the close relationships we have with our makers to ensure each piece is carefully overseen to guarantee it is meeting our GEORGI SWIMMS QC standards, the Quality standards YOU, our customers love. Each piece has gone through a thorough testing process to ensure the longevity of each garment so once it gets into your hands you are completely happy with the end product.
Each garment is safely packaged in a fully sustainable at home compostable garment bag to keep your beautiful GEORGI SWIMMS piece away from any nasties.
Wrapped with our sustainable GEORGI SWIMMS tissue paper which is FSC Certified, Acid free, Soy-based inks and is part of the  premium packaging solution without harming the environment.
Placed into a biodegradable at home compostable mailer with a compostable shipping label. Your GEORGI SWIMMS piece is shipped directly to you in the most sustainable packaging on the market. So sustainable it will make your garden smile.