The GEORGI SWIMMS Team would like to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of the land and seas which our swimwear is created on. The Garigal People, we pay our respects to the Elders past, present and future.
It's bigger than just a bikini.

From the moment GEORGI SWIMMS opened its doors in November 2019 we have consciously been making decisions to create amazing pieces of swimwear that wouldn’t harm our planet along the way.  Our core message; “Value ourselves, value others, value the planet'' meant sustainability hasn’t been just a choice, it’s a worldwide need that stretches over every industry and everybody.    

We are taking action; from our compostable mailers and shipping labels, our recycled tissue paper to ocean plastics turned into our stunning fabrics. This isn’t it, we vow to keep researching and making informed choices to better our companies sustainability profile. Our end goal is to become a 100% sustainable brand by 2025. Is this achievable, we have no idea but we do have a passion for the planet to not give this the best shot we can!

Sustainability isn’t where our values start and finish. It also includes empowering the team that create each piece and the amazing community which purchase and love GEORGI SWIMMS. GEORGI SWIMMS was created by a team of diverse women so it was imperative that we highlight and celebrate the beautiful diversity in which we all possess. 

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