Turning small change into BIG IMPACT.
GEORGI SWIMMS was created on 3 core values (if you've been here before, you probably have heard of them by now). Value ourselves, value each other, value the planet, therefore to give back is naturally intertwined with our beliefs and the message for change we are wanting to create here at GEORGI SWIMMS.
 It's bigger than just a bikini (another line we love here)!
The thought of our SWIMMSuits doing more than just making your summer a little bit sweeter, but creating lasting impact is something that we take seriously, it's the hearty stuff of the business. The part we look forward to seeing each and every day. The power of your purchase goes beyond the bikini you bought, 
What change are we actually making?
 We have proudly partnered with I=Change with a committed donation of $1 from our profits for each order placed.
We feel incredibly fortunate to be able to partner with 3 NGO's to create tangible change through this platform which we feel passionate about as a brand.
For more information on each of the charities we partner with and how each donation is being poured into the community. Read more here.
We have also partnered with Pachama to offset the carbon emissions which are put into our atmosphere with each delivery. We use an emissions calculator to determine the cost to offset emissions based on your order volume. We understand and appreciate that offsets are not the perfect solution but the are a necessity whilst we aim for better. We are proud to be currently funding the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest.